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About us

With over 10 years of fundraising experience for Non-Profits Best Bid Auctions, LLC and our team have raised millions of dollars for non-profits across the country. With an ala carte menu of services from auctioneers and ringmen to simulcast and completely online auctions take your event to next level and maximize the monetary amount of your fundraising effort.  Additionally, our team helps our organizations through commercial fundraising efforts. Our team of professional fundraisers use our tried and true methods to market and obtain funds for your cause so that you can make a bigger impact. With over 500 fundraising events completed and over 18,000,000 raised for non-profits Best Bid Auctions, LLC has become a trusted partner to non-profits all across the country. 

oUR CREW: "Home of the fast talking cowboys"
Tucker Cool 

Auctioneer, Consultant

1x National Champion Salesman

2x National Champion Public Speaker

2x State Champion Salesman

5x State Champion Public Speaker

Haley Cool 


Luke Blewett.jpg
Luke Blewett 

Consultant, Ringman

Jake Seavert

Auctioneer, Ringman

Ian Loney

Ringman, Sound Production, Software and IT, Consultant

Brett Moriarty 

Ringman, Consultant

Forrest Grivetti

Simulcast Operator/Ringman

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